Understand how systems work and how different variables affect it

We model systems to understand how they work and how different variables concerned affects it. Using our software, we then build and simulate partial scenario’s with relevant variables to identify relevant control parameters and thus find the best design options for your problem.


Identify factors

Analyse relations

Observe dynamics

Discuss the topic and collectively create a general system description through the identification of influential factors for system development. Deal with pattern recognition to analyze the magnitude of the cause-effect relations between the variables and to identify their functional roles in the system

The partial scenario of the focus issue can be simulated to observe system dynamics and the interrelationships between system variables

Systems modelling (“Sensimod”) is a set of system tools for planning complex issues. It incorporates feedback loops to check and balance the system performance with the relationship between humans and the environment. Sensimod emphasises the pattern recognition of system variables and establishes feedback loops among them. It enables the analysts to simplify the real-world complexity into a simulation system.

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