Founders Perspectives: Meaning of Peace

Inspired by the experience at the Global Youth Peace Ambassadors Programme, Nadia is sharing her reflection on the Meaning of Peace. Come and join her journey of tracing back the etymology of ‘peace’ from the Ancient Greek to the Indian tradition.

How do you understand peace?

We come from different backgrounds: some of us focus on education, work in communities, climate issues or rebuilding peace within the society.  ‘Peace’ is a word that we often use, but interpret in different ways. What is more, we work with different projects, come up with various solutions to create the peace that we understand.

With all the different interpretations, how can we create a long-lasting peace, if we are working in parallel to create peace that only we understand

Nadia Tjahja reflects on the existing meanings of peace and gives a different approach to peace-building in the September’s entry for the Founders Perspectives. 

Your turn...

Join the conversations and add your stories! What are you working on to build peace in your society? We are more than excited to see your projects and endeavours. Let’s work hand in hand to achieve something together and bring a peace that we all understand.

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