Youth Messages for the EuroDIG community

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS, 16-18 June 2019 Sunium organised and facilitated the process of shaping one of the most important outcomes of the Youth Dialogue on Internet Governance (YouthDIG) – the youth messages. They were later on presented at the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) and the global Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2019.

Youth participants started shaping their messages in April. YouthDIG co-organiser and Sunium Co-Founder Nadia Tjahja hosted the webinar where participants shared their thoughts and ideas on the opening question: “Which issues do you want to highlight as priority key points at EuroDIG to European stakeholders?

In the 1.5 hours spent together, participants built an online map in which different ideas were brought together. Having those ideas in mind, participants met in person in the Hague, where they further developed and finalised the messages. Sunium Officer Virginija Balciunaite and YouthDIG Co-Organiser Charalampos Kyritsis guided them along the way: “by using the Syntegration methodology we facilitated the process and after a few short hours ended up with a document, which outlines the voice of the youth in the digital space.”

Sunium Co-Founder and CEO Nadia Tjahja explains the effectiveness of the method:

“Syntegration is a group process which facilitates team building, innovation and planning. It was designed by Stafford Beer to be non-hierarchical so that communication can be open and synergy can be captured where participants have the freedom to explore content. In contrast to some protocols, facilitators in a syntegration do not take a leading role in introducing or shaping content but concentrate on guiding the process. All the content comes from the ideas of the participants and what they want to share.”
Nadia Tjahja
Sunium Co-Founder and CEO

From an early stage, it became clear to the participants that they seek to focus on solutions-oriented messages. They wanted something concrete that can be discussed, argued and further developed and move away from the abstract. During the session, they emphasised the importance of ensuring that the messages were kept in mind with a focus on the future and access for all. One of the messages also stated concerns for online harms and building a curriculum that would be regulated to ensure the teaching of digital literacy. The latter discussion point was taken on to the panel of “Online Harms – A regulation minefield?”

Full YouthDIG messages are available on the EuroDIG wiki page. For more and more detailed report please refer to this document.

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