YEiV 2019: Embracing complexity to build a strong voice of the youth

DENMARK, 6-12 May 2019 Young Europe is Voting” (YEiV) gathered 200 young people from across 22 European countries to meet in Denmark and share their dreams and visions that finalised in a set of calls to action for the next European Parliament. In the light of the upcoming elections Sunium has advocated for a more systematic and holistic approach in shaping the youth vision. 

Climate change, populism, refugees, economic development, and youth unemployment are all issues causing major concern for youngsters across the Union. Considering the rising complexity of our society, Sunium advocated to take a (w)holistic approach to find a sustainable solution for these interconnected issues

Throughout the course of 7-day intense programme, young representatives were able to discover not only the democratic schooling tradition of Danish folk high school, but also debate and negotiate a manifesto for the future of the EU. The programme commenced by distributing 100 internationals across 10 different Danish folk schools that are based on non-formal education traditions. Sunium representative Virginija Balciunaite was warmly welcomed at the Academy of Physical education, Ollerup to tackle the issue of youth under pressure. While other groups scattered around Denmark to cope with Climate, Refugees and Migration, Culture and Identity and the EU in the world. 

Virginija shares her experience:

The urgency to voice young people’s opinion is vital. Hence, the meeting in Denmark was crucial to join forces in the creation of a shared vision for the future. More importantly, we managed to embrace the complexity in society and acknowledge the interconnectedness between various issues and variables.  

Subsequently, the youth representatives were all united on the Youth Island off the Danish capital, Copenhagen to finalise the visions. The summit was opened by encouraging words of European Commissioner of Competition, Ms. Margrethe Vestager and then followed by the Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen. After the workshops and debates, participants finally presented their vision and calls to action to several lead candidates on the Youth Island off the Copenhagen harbor. 

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Jan Thordsen / Nyt Europa

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