Who can best govern a fictitious country?

FEBRUARY ECOPOLICY COMPETITION Throughout February Sunium held its first online Ecopolicy competition among former Syntegration participants. They were invited to participate to connect young bright minds and see whether they can overcome cultural differences, social origins and educational backgrounds and use interconnected thinking to find solutions to interdisciplinary governance issues.

The Cybernetic game Ecopolicy tests players’ abilities to rule the fictitious country ‘Cybernetia’ in an economically and ecologically sustainable manner. Participants were given one hour to govern the country and make strategic decisions to create prosperity for its citizens. ‘Governors’ rule the country by investing in eight interconnected areas, such as politics, production, environmental pollution and quality of life. In the game, these areas are linked by mathematical relations that result in a chain of effects after a single decision. To win the game, you have to try and achieve the highest amount of points in the least amount of rounds, but competitors had to be careful, because mistakes have consequences and could risk a coup in their country.

After the results came in and we had identified our winners, we were pleased to invite them on a fully covered trip to the Sunium Anniversary on 6 April 2019 where they would attend the “Thinking in Complexities” workshop and learn about the theory and mechanics behind Ecopolicy.

During the Sunium Anniversary party, Constantin and Nadia were very pleased to award the very first certificates of the Sunium Ecopolicy Competitions to Robert Vierling (Germany) and Joshua Wiebe (Canada) – who played as Team SwedenRobert shared his thoughts:

Experiencing a game of Ecopolicy has a lasting influence on oneself. It allows you to understand the significant impact even the smallest action within a system can have, thereby raising awareness of your own actions. It is a very vivid and appealing method to show the need to think in complexities in our world today.

Upon awarding Robert and Josh their certificates, Sunium officially launched the Club of Cybernetic Thinkers

This Club aims to bring together young system thinkers who continuously challenge each other on societies’ most difficult interdisciplinary questions. As part of the Club, members are invited to join Ecopolicy competitions, design models together and debate internationally the different interconnected perspectives that current issues entail and try to find common solutions. To become a member of the Club of Cybernetic Thinkers, you must play the Ecopolicy game and win!

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