Trade Expo Indonesia: “Synergy and Integration to Serve the World”

JAKARTA, INDONESIA, 19 October 2019 Sunium Founders Dr Constantin Malik and Nadia Tjahja participated at the Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI), where they had the opportunity to present Systems Thinking and Syntegration at the seminar “Synergy and Integration to Serve the World”. The seminar was held with the cooperation of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.

From ambassadors to academics and attorneys, the seminar attracted a wide variety of stakeholders. Dr Constantin Malik and Nadia Tjahja presented the importance of Systems Thinking and Synergy & Integration. Nadia took the angle of complexity within the export and called her intervention: “System thinking: Thinking in Complexity, coaching to assist the exporters in the complexity on the requirements of the importing countries to make complex thing simple in preparing the export plan”:

“With international, global issues, we need to understand complex problems by not only looking at its individual components but the relationship between them. Therefore, the manner in which we teach problem-solving needs to evolve and systems thinking may provide the solution to this issue.”
Nadia Tjahja
Co-Founder & CEO

On the other hand, Dr Constantin Malik presented Syntegration: Problem-solving through Synergy & Integration. His speech focused on coaching on how teamwork can solve problems through the calculation of risks and result

TEI was the last event this year, where you could have found both founders at the same place. However, both Nadia and Constantin are continuing their travels: Nadia is heading to the Maldives to address wicked problems with young leaders and Constantin will be heading to Vietnam to teach at C-level. 

More information about our projects will follow soon. In the meantime, get all the details about TEI on the website and the press releases (in Indonesian) Media IndonesiaTribun News and Berita Satu.

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