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BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, 26-28 October 2018 Dr Constantin Malik, Nadia Tjahja and the Sunium team organised a two-day Syntegration hosting a group of bright-minded young professionals from different specialist areas and backgrounds.

The participants convened in the capital of Europe to experience the Syntegration – an innovative approach to negotiation and decision making. Fostering pluralism and multistakeholderism, the Syntegration method sets the foundations for an open and informed society. This time, the participants were looking for the ways and means to deal with the growing wave of populism and extremism in Europe.

The programme officially started on Friday with our ecopolicy training, and was followed by a launch party at The Office. On Saturday, after an introduction to the main topic,  participants generated statements of importance which would form the base for the content of the upcoming debates, resulting in the clustering of over 75 ideas into six final topics. Each topic would then be discussed in small-scaled team meetings with direct feedback and support provided by the critics and the facilitation team.

In only two days, and after a total of 18 meetings, participants came to present a set of action plans focusing on the areas of actorness, education, good governance & socio-economics, identity, media and the private sector. Overall, the speed at which participants came to such concrete and qualitative solutions generated great interest in the eventual future applications of our method.

Throughout the event, a good synergy could be felt among participants. One of them, Andras Volom, reflected: The team bonding was really strong really quick and, opposed to other debate systems, I feel like there were a lot less pointless debates.

Another participant, Laurenzo Arke, added:

I see that we are all different [origins, culture, language] but somehow it works; if you see the structure, it looks so linear, but when you see the mix of people, it’s organic.The fact that it works this way is impressive.

Sunium is currently preparing for sessions at Internet Governance Forum and upcoming syntegrations in Tunisia and Ukraine. For more information, follow us on our social media @suniumbv.

Pictures are available in the photo gallery.

Sunium is a social enterprise that engages in training, research and facilitation of conflict resolution and negotiations activities. Our mission is to foster and safeguard the open and informed society by promoting participatory democracy through new ways of thinking and new tools for governing.

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