Sunium Founder Recognised as Global Youth Peace Ambassador

MALÉ, MALDIVES, 28-31 August 2019  Sunium’s CEO and Co-Founder Nadia Tjahja was selected to attend the Global Youth Peace Ambassadors Training Programme (GYPA) in the Maldives. This programme brought together 200 young activists from over 30 countries world-wide to discuss their understanding of the concept of peace and how this can be achieved, and exchange good practices on peace-building efforts on local, regional, national and international level.

This programme was organised by the Regional Alliance for Fostering Youth (RAFY) and the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Community Empowerment of the Maldives, in cooperation with the Institute for Economics & Peace, One Young World, Singapore Institute for Multidisciplinary Professionals and Ascendents Asia Singapore. It is an intensive leadership coaching programme aimed to create awareness on peace, security and justice issues and how young leadership can be fostered through peer-to-peer support and learning. 

Sessions were given by Mr Masood Ali, Founder of Empowering All, Mr Ali Ilhusan, Former Captain of the Maldives National Defence Force and CEO of Happy Market, Hon Syed Asad Ali Shah, Managing Partner at Deloitte Pakistan and Member of the Prime Minister’s Task Force on Austerity and Government Restructuring, Ms Judith Claridades, Ascendens Asia Singapore and SIMP, Ms Ediola Pashollari, Secretary General of the World Assembly of Youth, Ms Tessa Daling, Associate Director One Young World, and Mr Charles Allen Director of Partnerships for the Institute for Economics and Peace.

On Friday 30 August, two special events were held under the auspice of GYPA: The Global Youth Peace Walk and Snorkeling for Peace. The Global Youth Peace Walk is the first official peace walk that has ever taken place in the Maldives. It took place in Hulhumale in which all participants of GYPA took part in addition to VIP guests, the girl guides Maldives, Bike Maldives, Red Crescent and many other organisations who decided to stand for the global call for peace. Later that afternoon, GYPA participants gathered on Vilimale beach for Snorkelling for Peace event themed “I am peaceful with marine life, Stop littering”. During this session, participants were brought to the beautiful corals by Vilimale to explore the local marine life and explain the efforts that are being taken to preserve its beauty and what still needs to be done to ensure sustainable growth. 

During the Closing Ceremony, Nadia received the Global Youth Peace Ambassador medal and out of 200 delegates, she was among 30 to receive the best delegate award:

“I am extremely humbled to receive the Global Youth Peace Ambassadors medal and represent The Netherlands in the Maldives. Where my focus has been on youth empowerment, peer-to-peer learning and education, the other awardees brought with them a variety of skill sets and achievements that have created real change in their communities. Emmanuel Niyoyabikoze from Burundi has planted over 200,000 seedlings to promote a sustainable society using recyclable waste as his tools to foster a new Earth. Umar Khan from Pakistan is a presenter of an online TV show in which he brings in youth to discuss local and relevant issues that are important in his community, Carmelo Jose Buhain travels 3 hours every day in the Philippines to teach and advocate for drug prevention education, among many others who brought unique experiences to the table. I’m excited to have met these people and shared debates and discussions on the different perspectives and objectives for peace, and I look forward to continuing this exchange and collaborate for new opportunities in the future.”

For more information about the GYPA, please refer to the Official Event Report. The event theme song, which was sung by the fellow Global Youth Peace Ambassador Emmanuel Okoye from Nigeria, can be downloaded here.

Sunium is currently preparing for a special event to commemorate the International Day of Non-violence, for more information and live updates make sure to follow our Social Media channels.

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