Sunium Anniversary Celebration: From Complexities to Future Perspectives

HOOFDDORP, THE NETHERLANDS, 6 April 2019 To celebrate the social enterprise’s Anniversary, Sunium held a full day event with “Thinking in Complexities” workshop and an evening celebration in Hoofddorp, the Netherlands.

Sunium Founders Dr. Constantin Malik and Nadia Tjahja organised a public workshop to mark the celebration of their one year anniversary. The “Thinking in Complexities” workshop was aimed at providing participants with practical and theoretical knowledge on Systems Thinking – a (w)holistic approach to complex issues. Having simulated governmental rule with a famous strategic cybernetic game ‘Ecopolicy’, participants saw the concepts of interconnectivity and systems. Leading cybernetician Dr Constantin Malik then introduced the theoretical concepts and shared some real life examples. Finally, experienced facilitators guided the participants through theory and finalised the workshop by giving attendees hands-on experience on modelling their own complex issues.  

In attendance of the workshop we had a varied public: youth activists, consultants, business entrepreneurs, policy advisors, education experts and governmental officials.

Participant and Technology and Human Rights Fellow at the Center for International Business and Human Rights Joshua Wiebe left mesmerised: 

Sunium has developed an expansive toolbox for facilitating the decision-making process in a thoughtful and scientific way. Their methods, derived from systems-thinking, lead to holistic and sober solutions for a host of complex problems. Taking part in these Sunium workshops has convinced me that Sunium has the right tools and practices to fight back against extremism.

Once the workshops was finished, all of the guests were invited to raise the celebratory glass during company’s Anniversary Party. In a lively talk, the Founders laid out Sunium’s potential and contributions for partners and clients.

Co-founder and CEO Nadia Tjahja shared her thoughts:

“Today we celebrated our one year anniversary and I’m happy at how rich this year has been for me and Constantin. We have a wonderful team with members all across Europe, some of the best and brightest, and full of potential. We are so glad to work with them and are excited to see the amazing things that they will do, hopefully with us, in the future. We had the opportunity to sit around the table on high level projects, working together with relevant stakeholders in the field to create or develop policy that reflects the requirements and needs from our society – and these stakeholders have opened their thinking to allow us to bring to them innovative ways of addressing and diagnosing problems and issues that we face today. We fostered young minds by teaching and sharing our knowledge – because our future lies with those who will take it to the next stage and once we had mentors and professors who opened our minds, we hope to be great teachers and foster new thinking in young minds too.

Now is our time. Constantin predicted it when he published a book called “Ahead of Change” in which he writes about the unique opportunity we have right now to create change. We have the tools and the theories to manage our continuous developing society that is increasingly interdisciplinary, multistakeholder and multicultural. We hope that our passion and dedication will only strengthen throughout the years and that we will be able to be the force for good to the change that we would like to see within our society.”

Pictures are available in the photo gallery.

Sunium is currently preparing for Syntegrations in Ukraine and Tunisia among other events and conferences around Europe. For more information, follow us on our social media @suniumbv!

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