Reconnaissance Meeting in St. Gallen, Switzerland

GALLEN, SWITZERLAND, 16-18 March 2018 Dr. Constantin Malik, Nadia Tjahja and the staff of the Malik institute organised a meeting to gather bright-minded, change-orientated young professionals to discuss and share ideas for an open and informed society. Different methods were introduced to the participants that seek to facilitate and promote participatory democracy.

Dr. Constantin Malik and Nadia Tjahja greeted the participants with an introduction on Syntegration – a method that is derived from the theories of applied cybernetics and management science. Following the presentation, an introductory case was chosen to experience how the method works. For the opening question, the organisers chose to discuss: “What do we have to do to integrate refugees into our societies and how are we going to achieve this?”. Participants negotiated and discussed throughout the day and came to concluding proposals on successful refugee integration into society.

The second day continued with an explanation of Syntegration, Cybernetics and Systems Sciences, which was followed with a presentation of the plans for Sunium – the company’s values, structure and plans. Finally, the participants were able to test their skills of strategic thinking on Ecopolicy, a simulation which confronts their understanding of systems and possibilities to change them.

Here are some of the remarks from the participants, Michael J. Oghia said:

I was incredibly impressed with the Syntegration methodology and the kind of promise it offers to policy-making, multi-stakeholder dialogue, and consensus building. In fact, my only regret was that EU policy-makers were unable to be part of the process we initiated that snowy weekend. Rarely have I experienced a process as encouraging and constructive as that pioneered by the Malik Institute, and I cannot stress enough that the kind of innovation and leadership is badly needed in our increasingly divisive times.

Another participant Dieter Stroobants reflected:

“By focusing on multistakeholderism and common respect in order to lead to a fair and informed decision, the cybernetic model employed by the Malik Institute is a great way to overcome the lack of representativeness, transparency and inclusion. On a personal level, my first Syntegration had the great merit of actively encouraging me to have an open discussion with everyone involved in the decision-making process, without feeling coerced into agreeing to terms I did not feel comfortable with. Finally, it is important to notice that a Syntegration not only empowers the whole group of participants, but also allows individuals within this group setting to make full use of their own skill set for the benefit of all, while simultaneously empowering themselves through the collective sharing of knowledge.”

Sunium is preparing for their workshop at the College of Europe Natolin campus on Interconnectivity and Complexity in addition to a  winter course on Sensitivity Modelling. The company will also be present at events such as European Public Communication Conference, the UN Internet Governance Forum and Paris Peace Forum. For more information please follow us on our social media channels.

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