Political Risk Analysis – Thinking in Complexities Summer Course

ST.GALLEN, SWITZERLAND, June 29 – July 2 2018 Sunium organised a summer course to identify complex problems and future challenges in the political sphere. Different methods were brought closer to the participants. Cybernetics and systems thinking as well as sensitivity models were used to diagnose current political events in order to identify and measure the effects on multistakholder interests.

Dr Constantin Malik, Co-Founder and Chairman of Sunium, gave an introduction on Systems Thinking and Cybernetics where he explained the origin of the two methods and their application on current issues. Cybernetics has its origins in the Macy Conferences, where for the first time an interlinked approach to solution finding was applied.

Followed by the introduction, Co-Founder and CEO of Sunium, Nadia Tjahja presented case studies in which the participants were able to demonstrate the acquired knowledge in a practical manner. The exercise consisted of mapping several political trends, including Migration, the Information Disorder and the European Neighbourhood Policy. Furthermore, the participants had the chance to try out their skills on Ecopolicy, a simulation which challenges participants to understand systems and how to change them through a (w)holistic approach.

One of the participants, Christine Beck said:

“Thanks to the introduction to cybernetics and systems thinking I was able to engage with Ecopolicy in a much more effective manner. I was able to see the connection between the cause and effect of reactions of a system and how they interact with each other.”

Another participant, Diaelhak Raguragui, said:

“Sunium’s summer course offered a combination of best practice and real-time simulations, using insights and methodologies derived from cybernetics, to analyse and identify long-term ramifications of transformative technologies and geopolitical uncertainties, on socio-economics and public policy. This field of study allows practitioners to fully comprehend the complexity of today’s interconnected world. I highly recommend attending future sessions.”

Sunium will be preparing for their winter course on Sensitivity Modelling. For more information please follow our Social Media channels or email us at info@sunium.eu

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