OECD Forum “World in EMotion” 2019

PARIS, FRANCE, 20-21 May Only months after Internet Governance Forum and GovTech Summit, Team Sunium returned to Paris. This time, the French capital gathered high-level participants and speakers for a 2-day public engagement event, where the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) hosted its 20th forum “World in EMotion” at the OECD Conference Center.

The OECD forum gave stakeholders from civil society, academia, business, and government the opportunity to connect and share insights on four main themes: (1) New Social Contract; (2) Integrity and Trust; (3) Digitalisation and the Future of Work; and (4) International cooperation. Throughout the intense sessions, attendees reflected on social, economic and political disruption surrounding us today, largely fuelled by digitalisation and globalisation. In this increasingly complex world, Sunium advocated for a shift in mindset: from linear to holistic and interconnected approaches. What does that mean? To put it simply, linear thinking implies following a known cycle or step-by-step progression (if a=b, and b=c, then a=c); while holistic approach sees the big picture and interconnected thinking shows that everything is interlinked.

Throughout numerous sessions, Team Sunium heard many different speakers mentioning the search for a “systemic change” or “need to change the system”. However, only at the end of Day 1 during a panel titled “ Reviving Democracy”, Matthew Taylor, Chief Executive of the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) mentioned the complexity that is involved in systems change:

“Reform of the democratic institutions is part of a system reset and it won’t solve anything without being part of that broader system reset. You try to reform democracy without reforming elements of capitalism, without addressing a wider set of structural questions, then the chances of success are smaller. Democratic reform is absolutely essential part, but it needs to be understood in the context of a broader system reform.”

The shifting mindsets is the most important aspect of our endeavours at Sunium. Our co-founder and CEO Nadia Tjahja observed:

“We believe in bringing the solutions together, building agendas together. What is more, we’re trying to change the system by making sure that multistakeholders can get involved to be able to build the solutions together rather than building one silo on top of one other silo… So we’re really encouraged that more and more people are saying that we need to start thinking in systems to move forward. This is difficult and it’s complex but this is what we’re here for.”

The OECD forum was followed by  the Ministerial Meeting on 22-23 May, where ministers and leaders discussed domestic and international public policies under the theme: “Harnessing digital transition for sustainable development: opportunities and challenges.” For more information please refer to the official Forum’s website.

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Photo credits:

20 May 2019 – OECD Forum opening session, Angel Gurría, OECD Headquarters, Paris.

Photo : Julien DANIEL / OECD

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