EuroDIG 2018: Discussions on the Online Information Disorder

TBILISI, GEORGIA, 4-6 June 2018 Sunium was present at this year’s EuroDIG and organised a plenary session and flash sessions on the topic of the online information disorder and the EU Digital Education Action Plan. EuroDIG, or the European Dialogue on Internet Governance, is a discussion between stakeholders from different areas of European society to identify and tackle the challenges and opportunities of the Internet. By bringing together representatives from government, international institutions, academia, the private sector and tech community, EuroDIG gives a voice to citizens to express their thoughts in an open and inclusive environment.

The flash session “Fake News Ideas Lab” featured Paolo Cesarini from DG Connect in a short discussion on the European Union’s Communication on “Tackling Disinformation: an European Perspective”. Participants were encouraged to ask questions about the EU’s approach to tackling online disinformation, which was moderated by Sunium officer Virginija Balčiūnatė and officer Claudia Scandol, both recipients of a YOUthDIG Fellowship.

Sunium co-founder and CEO Nadia Tjahja moderated a flash session on the EU DigitalEducation Plan, which featured Jutta Croll from the Digital Opportunities Foundation, and lead plenary session two, titled “Information Disorder: Causes, Risks and Remedies”, which looked at the problems arising from internet use and the potential ways we can look at fixing them. Panelists discussed the impacts that mal- mis- and disinformation can have on the wider population and social cohesion. The session featured short presentations by speakers Paolo Cesarini from DG Connect, Patrick Penninckx, Head of the Information Society Department at the Council of Europe, Ana Kakalashvili from Institute for the Development of Freedom of Information, Jutta Croll from Stiftung Digitale Chancen, Tamar Kintsurashvili, Head of Media Development Foundation at Mythbuster and Clara Sommier from Google. Audience members were encouraged to participate online and in person throughout the interactive session.

The two sessions complimented each other and provided an interesting platform for a variety of stakeholders to discuss their concerns and ideas about governing a society ruled by the Internet.

Sunium will be present at IGF 2018 in Paris this November.

Sunium is a social enterprise that engages in training, research and facilitation of conflict resolution and negotiations activities. Our mission is to foster and safeguard the open and informed society by promoting participatory democracy through new ways of thinking and new tools for governing.

If you would like more information about EuroDIG/IGF, the information disorder or would like to invite Nadia as a speaker or moderator please email

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