Diplomacy that builds bridges

THE HAGUE, THE NETHERLANDS, 30 January 2019 Sunium was present at the annual Ambassadors Conference that brought together nearly 150 Dutch ambassadors and general consulates from all over the world. We met the inspiring ambassadors to Lithuania, Sri Lanka and Bosnia and Herzegovina during a series of speed dates.

The Ambassadors Conference is a 4-day event happening once a year in the Hague. On 30th January 2019, we participated at the Business Day, where the wide Dutch network of ambassadors, permanent representatives and consuls-general met with Dutch businesses community seeking international opportunities.

During an exceptional meeting with the Dutch ambassador to Lithuania Bonnie Horbach, we discussed the importance of active participation, especially in the upcoming European Parliament and Lithuanian Presidential elections, which are happening simultaneously. Our developing project would bring together young people to become active citizens in the EU as well as the home country. The Dutch are already tackling one pressing issue – emigration – by building enterprises (especially in IT sector) in Kaunas and re-welcoming Lithuanians back home.

During an inspiring talk with the Dutch ambassador to Sri Lanka Joanne Doornewaard we discovered the importance of women leadership in local communities as well as sustainable reconciliation process. As a startup engaged in conflict resolution, we seek to be a pro-active, helpful and transparent change agent that brings positive peace to communities paralysed by fear and lack of reconciliation.

Finally, a productive meeting with the Dutch ambassador to Bosnia and Herzegovina Reinout Vos brought new insights and potential for the future. Hope you’re following our updates, because the plan for this year will enchant you!  

The Business day gave us inspiration, firstly, by seeing the encouraging work of female leadership. Secondly, by having expert opinion and support for our mission and vision.  Traditionally, networking drinks concluded the meeting and strengthened the ties with ambassadors as well as fellow entrepreneurs.

We have already been sharing some of our international projects, where we aim to facilitate participatory democracy through our methods and software and bring different stakeholders together to find solutions to global interdisciplinary and multicultural problems. Now it is high time we expanded the cooperation. Stay tuned for an exciting 2019 Action Plan that will follow soon!

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