Workshop in the maldives

On 22 October Nadia Tjahja facilitated a session on Systems Thinking and Modelling in the Maldives. The workshop was organised by the Regional Alliance for Fostering Youth (RAFY) for local youth leaders. Photo credits: Ali Nashiu & RAFY.

Trade expo indonesia 2019

Sunium Founders Dr Constantin Malik and Nadia Tjahja participated at the Trade Expo Indonesia (TEI), where they had the opportunity to present Systems Thinking and Syntegration at the seminar “Synergy and Integration to Serve the World”. The seminar was held with the cooperation of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade.

GYPA 2019

Sunium CEO and Co-Founder Nadia Tjahja was selected to attend the Global Youth Peace Ambassadors Training Programme (GYPA) in the Maldives. This programme brought together 200 young activists from over 30 countries world-wide to discuss their understanding of the concept of peace and how this can be achieved, and exchange good practices on peace-building efforts on local, regional, national and international level.

Eurodig 2019

On 19-20 June Sunium was back to European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) to organise a panel session titled “Tackling online harms – a regulation minefield? Present and future“. EuroDIG, or the European Dialogue on Internet Governance is an inclusive multi-stakeholder platform that occurs annually in a different European city. The essence of this meeting is to debate and exchange thoughts about the Internet and how it is (or should be) governed.

Youthdig 2019

On 16-18 June Sunium CEO Nadia Tjahja co-organised and co-led Youth Dialogue on Internet Governance (YouthDIG), a three day youth programme that prepared youth activists to take part and represent their voice during the European Dialogue on Internet Governance (EuroDIG) at the World Forum. 

Sunium anniversary Celebration

For the evening programme on 6 April Sunium invited guests to raise the celebratory glass and attend a presentation on Sunium. In a lively talk, Founders laid out company’s potential and contributions for partners and clients.

Sunium anniversary workshop

On 6 April Sunium organised a full-day event to celebrate one year anniversary. It gave a unique opportunity for the public to attend a “Thinking in Complexities” workshop and learn about Systems Thinking both in theory and practice.

Internet governance forum 2018

On 12-14 November Sunium was present at Internet Governance Forum 2018 to co-organise and moderate two sessions: the main session “Effective policies for inclusive and prosperous digital transformation – what’s needed?” and “Developing Youth Participation at the IGF”.

Workshop at college of europe

On 10 November 2018 Dr. Constantin Malik with the Sunium team organized a full-day workshop on “Understanding the relevance of interconnectivity and complexity” at the College of Europe in Natolin.

Sunium Launch syntegration

On 26-28 October Sunium organised a training on Systems Thinking and a two-day Syntegration hosting a group of bright-minded young professionals from different specialist areas and backgrounds.

Sunium launch party

On Friday 26th October founders Dr Constantin Malik and Nadia Tjahja as well as the Sunium team invited potential investors, sponsors and partners who support the company to the launch party at The Office in Brussels. During the event guests shared a celebratory drink and learnt about company’s process, the upcoming events and projects Sunium will be hosting in 2019.

European Dialogue on Internet Governance 2018

Sunium was present at this year’s EuroDIG to organise and moderate a plenary session and flash sessions on the topic of the online information disorder and the EU Digital Education Action Plan. EuroDIG, or the European Dialogue on Internet Governance, is a discussion between stakeholders from different areas of European society to identify and tackle the challenges and opportunities of the Internet. By bringing together representatives from government, international institutions, academia, the private sector and tech community, EuroDIG gives a voice to citizens to express their thoughts in an open and inclusive environment.


Dr. Constantin Malik, Nadia Tjahja and the staff of the Malik institute organised a meeting to gather bright-minded, change-orientated young professionals to discuss and share ideas for an open and informed society. Different methods were introduced to the participants that seek to facilitate and promote participatory democracy.


Photos of our Sunium family, friends and supporters!