Co-Founder & Chairman

Dr. Constantin Malik is a cybernetician and has been with the Malik Institute, Switzerland for 10 years as an expert for complexity with a focus on the design and architecture of complex social systems, where he is the Executive Director of Global Relations and Development. As such he has worked with cities, science organisations and international corporations alike. Constantin holds a master’s degree in law and a doctoral degree in psychology. He is a member of the International Society for the Systems Sciences and the American Society for Cybernetics. In his book “Ahead of Change. How crowd psychology and cybernetics combine to transform legislative action” he presents a new idea of how governments could work in the future.

Co-Founder & CEO

Nadia Tjahja has advocated nearly ten years for youth participation in education and politics and continues to empower and train young people to contribute to international policy-making. Nadia was the former Vice President Communications at Young European Leadership, where she was co-project leader of the Young European Council 2015, awarded with the European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2016 and Agency Coordinator of the 2016 prize-winning online international source verification and fact checking campaign Newsworthy. She currently is Steering Member representing WEOG & EEG for the UN Youth Coalition on Internet Governance. She is a graduate from the College of Europe and Vesalius College.