Online Panel with Global Youth Peace Ambassadors

Sunium is hosting an online panel discussion with young international activists to celebrate the International Day of Non-Violence on October 2nd. During the discussion you will hear from globally recognised Youth Peace Ambassadors who will debate the importance of non-violence, respect for human rights and sustainable peace in turbulent areas.


The United Nations (UN) declared October 2nd as the International Day of Non-Violence in commemoration to the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi, leader of the Indian independence movement and pioneer of non-violence philosophy. According to the UN, on this occasion we should “disseminate the message of non-violence, including through education and public awareness“. Therefore, Sunium is inviting you to join our international panel for a live discussion with young leaders from the Eastern Europe, Middle East and South-East Asia.

What? Online Panel Discussion to mark the International Day of Non-Violence

Where? Join us via the Webex link or Register now and we will send you the meeting link with a reminder!

When? 4PM GMT, 2nd October, 2019

Who? Global Youth Peace Ambassadors as the Panelists


Roman Zagorodniy is self-employed professional trainer and teacher from Ukraine.  

"Long before the war in Donbas, my nation was consumed with silence and violence. ‘Bandit’ 90s, ever present corruption, deep mistrust - symptoms were everywhere. Then, I asked myself, “Why did we come to it? And how can we solve it?”. That is why, in the last seven years I have went abroad trying to study origins of conflicts from different angles, including economics, security, international affairs and social psychology. Today, I have returned to Ukraine where I work as a professional trainer, coach and facilitator. My expertise include emotional intelligence, negotiation, debates and conflict management. In short, I try to help people putting their energy in a right way and with a right intention"

Global Youth Peace Ambassadors

We have united an international panel with young activists and Global Youth Peace Ambassadors from the Middle East and South-East Asia. Meet them now:

Mohamed Mazin is a young TV presenter from the Maldives. After completion of his studies from Dharumavantha School in 2017, Mazin has been an active youth volunteer making a difference in the society. His professional experience also includes working as a Public Relations manager at Dhivehi Channel. Prior to this, he worked as a Marketing Assistant cum Production Assistant & Presenter at ICE TV and Broadcasting Presenter at GOPlus TV. He also worked at Kunooz as a part-time Event Organising Member cum Front Office Clerk. 

Mazin is very skilled young leader, who has an interest in fashion Design & Tailoring, dance choreography and managing events. Mazin is a Millennium Youth Ambassador and Global Youth Peace Ambassador in Regional Alliance For Fostering YoutAssistant


Mujtaba Haris is a motivational speaker and a peace building activist from Afghanistan who has more than 9 years of experience from working with national and international organisations in media management and social businesses. He has held various positions such as, Mass Media Director for the Dynamic Vision, Project Manager at the UNICEF Media & Communication Project, Mass Strategy & Branding Consultant at the Finland Embassy Fund for Local Cooperation (FLC). He is also a Social Entrepreneur: he started his own Communications company back in 2015 and he currently holds the position of Senior Member at the Generation Positive Organisation (G+) and Communication & Public Relations Advisor to the Ministry of Energy & Water in Afghanistan.

Some of his international recognitions and roles are: Global Peace Ambassador 2019, IEP & Global Peace Index Ambassador 2019 Australia, Afghanistan Representative at Future Leader Congress – United Nation – Bangkok, Young Entrepreneur 2018 Hamburg, Germany, One Young World Ambassador 2018 The Hague, the Netherlands. 


Natasha Pallavi (BA, B.Ed, M.Ed and PGDBM) from the “City of Waterfalls” Ranchi, Jharkhand, is a proud Indian and a believer. Currently serving as a Senior Programme Educator in UAE, she has attended a conference in Singapore, training program on building Peace in Maldives and was awarded Global Women Achievers Award with a title of ‘Educator with Wings’ by SEAS foundation in Dehradun. She was also recommended for the Indian Army twice under Short Service Commission.

She thrives to involve herself in spreading the message of peace and harmony, a message of thinking beyond the caste and religion, and to be more concerned about Our Environment, among not just her students but those who are underprivileged. She is also working towards making education accessible to children with a hearing impairment. She is all up for contributing towards bringing a positive change in the society and thrives to be an active- influential participant in the journey through these changing times.

Solin Baban is a native Kurdish who was born in Bagdad, raised in Sulimanya and is currently living in Erbil. She is currently studying Information System Engineering at the Erbil Polytechnic University. Solin started volunteering in 2017 within different organisations as a photographer. During this period, she started her own business of event management. Parallelly, she has been a member of the organising team at the TEDxWomen. Recently, she was honored with the Silver medal by the KRG and Nishtiman Youth Network for the volunteering effort and accomplishments. 

She had the opportunity to speak at UNHCR and is currently preparing for a speaking engagement in Mauritius-Africa in September 2019. Solin has also been selected as a delegate to the Global Youth Peace Ambassadors programme in the Maldives.


The discussion is free and open to all, but make sure to secure your spot by registering here. For constant updates please follow our Social Media channels.

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