Founders Perspectives

In the last year, we have shared with you our activities to bring you with us on our journey as we build and develop our social enterprise. Our events and projects are a source of our direct engagement with our community but our followers engage with us from all around the world – so we’re reaching out to you now to learn together with us.

Therefore we have decided to launch our Founders Perspectives series for 2019. Every month Constantin and I will be reaching out to you with our ideas and thoughts and look forward to discussing these further with you online and in-person!

To give you a sense of what we’ll be talking about, I’ll outline how our organisation works in regards of themes and topics.

Our activities are methodology focused, so we particularly focus on the framework and rely on our participants to use their fields of expertise to provide the content for our sessions. However, that doesn’t mean we don’t know what’s going on! We are prepared to meet the challenges of these specialisations – our facilitators are also experts in their fields and know and understand the topics and terminology that our participants and audiences use to express themselves in our Syntegrations, negotiations and writing.

So let’s break down the two areas.

Theory & methodology in practice

When people generally talk about theory and methodology, they can go on either side of the spectrum – either they shy away from or they intensively talk about it! We will be combining our theory and methodology with practice and terminology that is accessible for you to understand to grasp concepts more easily. You will have already seen some articles and activities that directly relate to systems thinking and cybernetics, but we will also be introducing the concepts of multistakeholderism, science diplomacy and communications science as additional theories that we incorporate in our work.

Our research and areas of activity

You may have noticed that last year we went to several Internet Governance related conferences and events, and organised or hosted sessions in which we presented or included our frameworks and methodology. What we focus on is bringing our work into real life by actively participating in the governance structures which develop the topics that we engage in. Besides Internet Governance (a title encompassing a vast body of topics which relate to the Internet), we also work in sustainability & development, and conflict resolution in the European Neighbourhood. But the beauty of our work is that we are not tied to particular topics. All our theories are interdisciplinary, intercultural and global, which is why we also will have guest entries of practitioners and experts from a variety of different fields who would like to share their perspectives of their specific domains of expertise, including our staff members! It will be exciting to show you how our theories can apply to different sectors to bring stakeholders together to be able to solve complex problems.

Constantin &/vs Nadia

We wrote “perspectives” in the plural. Just as we understand that different sectors and different stakeholders hold a variety of understanding and perspectives, so do we. Where Constantin comes from the private sector, Nadia comes from the civic sector and each of us focus on different specialisations in methodology and content. We love to debate and challenge each other on our thinking and this is something we want to share with you! You’ll find that we will address the same topic and bring our own perspectives to the table – and please join the conversations and add your stories! We’re excited to see who is out there and what your thoughts are.

What do you think?

This is in essence what we want to achieve with our Founders Perspectives. There are many things we want to share with you, but my question to you is – are there any topics that you would like us to address?

Stay tuned!

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