Announcement of the establishment of Sunium

It is with pleasure that Dr Constantin Malik and Nadia Tjahja would like to announce that on 13 April 2018, their social enterprise named Sunium was set up in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

About Sunium

Sunium is a social enterprise that engages in training, research and facilitation of conflict resolution and negotiations activities. Our mission is to foster and safeguard the open and informed society by promoting participatory democracy through new ways of thinking and new tools for governing. Our activities include organising and supporting activities that encourage multistakeholder collaboration and participation through cybernetics and systems science in local, national, regional and international discussions, negotiations, strategies and processes.

Furthermore, we seek to develop and research tools that promote good governance through multistakeholder, cross sectoral and participatory democracy. We would like to bring together a network of like-minded people who are active in their communities and advocate for an open and informed society. In addition that we seek to advise and train opinion-leaders and decision-makers as well as educating the young to introduce to them the values of an open and informed society and the new thinking and new methods that can help protect it.

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